Young Living January Promo

January 2020

As we welcome the new year, tally up the good in your world and carry this gratitude forward as you set your intentions for the year ahead! Start where you are and simplify your journey by making conscious, daily choices to shift your habits. Fuel yourself to feel your best and seek nourishment in the routines you keep with balancing essentials like Cedarwood and EndoFlex™. Prioritize rest with Lavender. Move your body in ways that make you feel joyful and connected with yourself and others (even from home). Write it down – simple check-ins powered by inspiring essentials like Idaho Blue Spruce and Inner Child™ go a long way for your well-being! Remember to celebrate each victory, big or small – every step counts on your journey to wellness!

Reach any of the PV minimums this month to qualify for these free essentials and enjoy the Essential Rewards (ER) exclusive bonuses when you reach 100+ PV or 190+ PV in a single Monthly Order.

Promos available on One-Time Order

190PV: Lavender, 5ml
250PV: Idaho Blue Spruce, 5ml • Lavender, 5ml
300PV: Inner Child, 5ml • Idaho Blue Spruce, 5ml • Lavender, 5ml

Promos available on Essential Rewards Order

100PV: Cedarwood 15ml
190PV: Endoflex, 15ml • Lavender, 5ml • Cedarwood 15ml
250PV: Idaho Blue Spruce, 5ml • Endoflex, 15ml • Lavender, 5ml • Cedarwood 15ml
300PV: Inner Child, 5ml • Idaho Blue Spruce, 5ml • Endoflex, 15ml • Lavender, 5ml • Cedarwood 15ml


Cedarwood, 15 ml (ER Bonus***): Warm and woodsy, Cedarwood is a must-have grounding essential! Use as part of your skin and hair care routine or diffuse to fill your space with a cleansing and balancing aroma.


Lavender, 5 ml: A classic, relaxation essential, Lavender is a staple for new and veteran oilers alike. When seeking rest and recharge, reach for Lavender to calm body and mind!
EndoFlex™, 15 ml (ER Bonus***): A whole-body balancing blend of Spearmint, Sage, Geranium and other essential oils, Endoflex™ soothes the body and mind when diffused or diluted and applied topically.


Idaho Blue Spruce, 5 ml: Get empowered Idaho Blue Spruce! High in alpha-pinene and limonene, Idaho Blue Spruce is a peaceful and uplifting addition to your mindfulness or spiritual practices.


Inner Child™, 5 ml: Let Inner Child™ connect you with your authentic self. A goal-setting essential, Inner Child™ combines Orange, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and other essential oils to inspire clarity and purpose.

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