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August 2017

Our liberated summer spirits and deep connection to Mother Nature are things we crave to hold on to all year long. This is the season where we deepen our familial roots with reunions and community festivals; all while experiencing the natural wonder of summer growth under Mother Nature’s watchful eye.
Your sun kissed skin won’t last, but those pure summer memories of your connection and relationship to every living thing will outlast seasonal changes. Capture those special moments of discovery and love with oils like Orange and Citronella. They’ll keep your summer spirit alive long after the seasonal sun has set.


100 PV

Retail Value: $17.76 CAD

Order 100 PV through ER and enjoy Orange essential oil FREE!

  • Orange 15 ml (ER Bonus)*: The bright, citrus oil echoes the sweet scent of summer, encouraging positive vibes while adding extra zest to your summer adventures.



190 PV

Retail Value: $75.66 CAD

Order 190 PV in a single Quick Order and receive Citronella essential oil FREE. Place your qualifying order through ER and you will also enjoy Rosemary essential oil.

  • Citronella 15 ml: Keep this multipurpose summer companion close! Diffuse its fresh aroma outdoors, or dilute and apply to the skin before outdoor activity for joint and muscle pain relief. It’s also great for relieving digestive discomfort (think of all the barbecues) and helps with headaches for those heated days.
  • Rosemary 15 ml (ER Bonus)*: Enhance your sun drenched locks by infusing hair products with the invigorating, herbaceous aroma of Rosemary. This refreshing addition is great for moisturizing the scalp and also inspires clarity.



250 PV

Retail Value: $131.28 CAD

Patchouli essential oil is yours free with a Quick Order of 250 PV or more. Place your qualifying order through ER and you will also enjoy a free Orange and Rosemary essential oil.

  • Patchouli 15 ml: Whether you’re a festival-goer or spending long hours outdoors, this oil’s earthy, exotic aroma evokes feelings of peace and is the perfect complement for your sun kissed skin when combined with your favourite skin care products.



300 PV

Retail Value: $269.74 CAD

Order 300 PV through Quick Order and receive Helichrysum, Patchouli and Citronella FREE! Place your qualifying 300 PV order through ER and you’ll also enjoy ER Bonuses of Rosemary and Orange essential oils free!

  • Helichrysum 5 ml: Delight in the ‘everlasting’ flowers of this cherished oil incorporating it into your skin care routine to help soothe and relieve skin irritations from your summer adventures.